MEET our Representative

House District 10


Grant Protzman


Running for House District 7

Protzman represented much of the Pleasant View, North Ogden and Northeastern Ogden City areas for 10 years in the late 80's to the mid 90's. He was approached by numerous individuals from both parties stating how badly his creative approach to problem solving was needed. Protzman is best known for developing the concept and carrying the legislation for the Department of Work Force Services which consolidated 7 different Utah Programs under 1 roof, the most sweeping change in Government structure in 40 years. This saved money while making government more user friendly, relieving taxpayers from running all over the community to find the needed specific service.

Protzman stated, "Utah is great in many ways, but we still have serious problems including education measuring systems, pollution, loss of farmland, and criminal recidivism where 70% of those who serve prison time return to lockup within 10 years. These problems need fresh ideas which go beyond partisan rhetoric."

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