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Grant Protzman


Running for House District 7

Protzman represented much of the Pleasant View, North Ogden and Northeastern Ogden City areas for 10 years in the late 80's to the mid 90's. He was approached by numerous individuals from both parties stating how badly his creative approach to problem solving was needed. Protzman is best known for developing the concept and carrying the legislation for the Department of Work Force Services which consolidated 7 different Utah Programs under 1 roof, the most sweeping change in Government structure in 40 years. This saved money while making government more user friendly, relieving taxpayers from running all over the community to find the needed specific service.

Protzman stated, "Utah is great in many ways, but we still have serious problems including education measuring systems, pollution, loss of farmland, and criminal recidivism where 70% of those who serve prison time return to lockup within 10 years. These problems need fresh ideas which go beyond partisan rhetoric."

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Oscar mata

Running for House District 8

I'm running for the Utah House of Representatives to give a voice to the people of House District 8. My life has instilled a work ethic that has given me great fortunes and a commitment to build coalitions and serve my community.  I am ready to expand this service to the Utah House of Representatives.  Please check out my website to learn more about me and how you can get involved.

Steve Olsen


Running for House District 9

"We have plenty of lawyers and real estate salesmen in the Legislature. I'm different. As a lifetime engineer, statistics practitioner and trained consultant in team-based problem solving, I have the experience and skills to bring people together and use facts and data (rather than rigid political ideology) to solve problems."

Lou Shurtliff

Running for House District 10

LaWanna “Lou” Shurtliff has strived to better our community through decades of active civic, charitable, political, and church involvement. In her 28 years teaching at Ogden High School, her dedication to Utah’s children reached far beyond her duties in the classroom and earned her the respect of her peers, parents, and students.

She took that same dedication to the Legislature where she worked tirelessly to serve the people of her community and of the state of Utah.


“I previously served ten years in the Utah State House of Representatives and felt that probably my career was finished. But after seeing a few of the “interesting bills” that the Legislature passed this year, I am again running for District 10. It seems like someone needs to speak up”


“I promise to continue serving the people of Utah with a reasonable voice and to work toward an open and responsive government.”

Jason Allen


Running for House District 11

As a lifelong resident of Riverdale and Washington Terrace, I have watched our community grow over the past few decades. As we continue to grow, strong leadership is needed at the State level to ensure that the needs of our community are addressed, and the rights of ALL Utahns are protected. I pledge to represent the citizens of District 11 at the State Capitol, and work to ensure that we hand off our great State to the next generation of Utahns in better shape than we found it.


Jason Will Fight For:

  • A Quality Public Education
  • A Clean & Safe Environment     
  • Maintaining & Expanding a Strong Economy
  • Protecting Our Public Lands
  • A Fair and Transparent Government 

kerry wayne

Running for House District 29

My primary job over the last twenty-five years has been to provide “adult supervision” for the people that spend the money.  I make sure that their contractual agreements make sense, are fair to both parties and most importantly, they get exactly what they paid for.  I have purchased multi-million and managed multi-billion dollar defense programs.  My current position has me working with aerospace customers across the globe.  The experience I’ve gained in the public and private sectors gives me a unique perspective into how things function.  

The tax burden that’s being placed on our citizens keeps increasing and there’s no end in sight.  The state legislature disguises tax increases for education through additions to the gas tax while our roadways and bridges crumble.  Education needs a clear funding source to address improved facilities, instructor shortages and increased security needs.  Utah needs to spend its money like the limited resource that it is.  My goal is to provide voters a viable alternative to the tone deaf and short sighted politicians that are currently in power today.

Mr. Wayne currently works as Contracts & Export Manager for a major aerospace manufacturer.  Mr. Wayne possesses a Master’s degree in Business & Human Resource Management from Utah State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work / Healthcare Administration from Weber State University. He is also an Air Command and Staff College Graduate from the U.S. Air University.

Katy Owens

Running for Senate District 19

Katy Owens is running for Utah Senate District 19, which includes parts of Weber, Summit, and Morgan Counties. She is running to create a more responsive and representative legislature. 


Katy lives in Summit County with her husband and two kids. She has a bachelor’s degree in international relations, a master’s degree in political science, and has been in the field of election administration for the last ten years. She has worked for the Denver Elections Division, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), The Carter Center's Democracy Program, and now provides consulting services on election administration policy and management. 

Katy wants to see a better future for Utah's kids, which includes affordable healthcare, quality education, clean air and a meaningful voice in the legislature.

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Alex Mcdonald

Running for County Commissioner

After 26 years of serving the public in the states of Utah and Idaho, helping save lives through organ and tissue donation in a non-profit organization, I feel it’s time the tax payers of Weber County had someone that is truly a full time Commissioner.

I have no outside business interests, will be fully retired, and will not be distracted  or influenced by other obligations. I will be representing EVERY constituency throughout Weber County.



Running for County Recorder

Sam is running to be the Weber County Recorder/Surveyor to ensure that values of transparency and integrity are at the forefront of the office. 

Sam has lived most of his life in Weber County, attended school here, and is currently working towards his degree at Weber State University.



Darren Parry

Running for Congressional District 1

Darren Parry serves as the Councilman of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation, a Utah Tribe with Headquarters in Brigham City, Utah. Councilman Parry has served on the council on 2 separate occasions and has been currently serving for the last 6 years. Darren also serves on the Board of Directors for the American West Heritage Center, in Wellsville, Utah, the Utah State Museum Board, the Community Advisory Board for the Huntsman Cancer Institute, the Northern Regional Advisory Council for Utah Division of Wildlife, the American Indian Services Board which provides scholarships for Native American Students around the country and Weber State Universities National Advisory Council .


He attended the University of Utah and Weber State University and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, with an emphasis on History. Darren is the author of “The Bear River Massacre; A Shoshone History” and teaches Native American History at Utah State University.


His passions in life are his family which includes his wife Melody, 9 children and 13 grandchildren. His other passion is his Tribal family. He wants to make sure that those who have gone before him are not forgotten. He has managed inspiring accomplishments within his tribal nation as well as leading social unity and education. It is important to him that all people’s perspectives are heard and respected.

Governor of Utah

Chris Peterson Headshot.JPG

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is a fifth-generation Utahn and a law professor. He was raised by a disabled, single-mother in West Valley City. Following graduation from law school, Peterson worked as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. He then moved to Washington D.C. to work as a consumer rights attorney for a non-profit on Capitol Hill. Then he began his teaching career as a law professor at the University of Florida. After publishing an award-winning book and numerous scholarly articles, he returned to Utah to teach at his alma mater, the University of Utah.

Following the financial crisis of 2008, Peterson helped build the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—a federal agency dedicated to ensuring banks and other financial businesses treat customers fairly. Peterson’s team stopped illegal practices by Wall Street banks, payday lenders, and debt collectors, returning nearly $12 billion in restitution to working Americans. Peterson also served at Department of Defense where he helped lead the Pentagon’s efforts to prevent predatory lending to military families.​

Attorney General


Greg Skordas

I’m Greg Skordas, Democratic Candidate for Attorney General for the State of Utah. I've lived in Utah all of my life. I studied and received degrees in both Engineering and Law at the University of Utah. I raised three highly successful children here too. Nic, Annie and Bina— an Air Force medical doctor, an educator, and an environmental scientist. I also have five grandchildren. 

I've practiced law for 38 years, since 1982. I began my career at the Salt Lake Legal Defenders Association, representing indigent defendants in criminal matters. 
I worked for eight years at the Salt Lake County Attorney's office, rising to the position of First Assistant Salt Lake County Attorney. In 1992, I was Utah's first gang prosecutor and was recognized and awarded by the Salt Lake Area Gang project. I was involved in proposing legislation to combat the gang issue and put Utah on the national forefront of innovative gang interdiction. We worked with the Legislature to eventually create the Serious Youth Offender Act which allows prosecutors to bring serious, consequential charges against gang offenders. I spent several years as head of the "Special Victims Unit” prosecuting sex crimes and crimes against children. We again worked with the Legislature to promote victims’ rights. I was awarded by the County Attorney's office in 1993 for my work there.

In 1995, I left the County Attorney's office and started my own law practice at a small law firm, which ultimately became known as Skordas, Caston and Hyde. That same year, I was part of a group of three Utah lawyers who studied and brought the Drug Court concept to Utah. Thanks to those efforts, Utah started its first Drug Court in Salt County. Utah Courts have graduated thousands of Drug Court participants since then, and Drug Courts are now operating in virtually every District Court in the State.