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2023 Democratic Candidates

Here’s a look at our Democrats running for offices representing Weber County


Ogden Mayor - Oscar Mata

Rick is a retired adjunct teacher of economics from Weber State and a well written constitutional scholar. He lives within his district and knows the needs of the 1st Congressional District voters. He is on the right side of Healthcare, Education, Livable Wage, Gender Equality, Clean Air & Water, and Public Land Use. Please help Rick on his way to becoming our new representative.

Mike Blodgett.jpg

Roy City Council - Jeremy Thompson

Campaign Issues: Education, Protecting Our Public Lands, Transportation, Fiscal Responsibility, Criminal Justice Reform, Quality Growth. Find out more about Mike and his stance on these issues at his website


West Haven City Council - Nina Morse

Platform issues are: - Ensure a commitment to good governing with responsible use of tax monies. - Represent the needs of our community through carefully crafted policy. - Focus on clean air, public health, and water conservations so Ogden City and Ogden Valley can thrive. - Work to lower high poverty levels in Ogden City. - Fight for women's equality in wages and reproductive health care. Find out more about Monica at:

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