Leadership Resources

District Maps

Maps for State Legislative and School Board boundaries. Also includes maps of precincts, under "Precinct Mapbook".

Precinct Lookup

Look up an address to find what precinct that address is in. This is especially helpful for Region Chairs and House District Chairs.

Leadership Brochures

These brochures are intended to help you with your job as a Precinct Captain, Region Chair or House Chair. These will also be handed out at Caucus night.




Frequently asked questions

When are Precinct Captains elected?

Precinct Captains are elected every Caucus Night, which happens every even year.

What is Caucus Night?

Caucus night is where we elect Precinct Captains, County Delegates, and hear from candidates running for Public Office. Caucus Night in 2020 is on March 24th. Locations will be sent out soon.

What is a Precinct Captain?

A Precinct Captain is the top Democrat in a precinct. They help organize the precinct by recruiting volunteers, and finding yard sign locations. More information is in the Precinct Captain Brochure just above.

What is a County Convention?

There is a County Convention every year. On even years, we have a "Nominating" convention. On odd years, we have an "Organizing" convention. Nominating Convention: - Nominate Candidates for Public Office (if their district is completely inside Weber County) - Elect State Delegates to go to the State Convention - Issue/Identity Caucuses (Young Democrats, Women's Caucus) meet at the convention. - House Districts meet at the Convention. Organizing Convention: - Elect County Party Leadership (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) - Approve any Constitution or Platform changes - Elect House District Leadership (House Chairs, Region Chairs) - Issue/Identity Caucuses meet at the convention. These Conventions are generally in the Spring (2018, 2019, and 2020 were in April)

What is a Delegate?

There are two types of delegates. County Delegates and State Delegates. County Delegates are elected on Caucus Night and get to vote at the County Convention on any platform changes, any primaries in their districts, and more. State Delegates are elected at the County Convention, and get to vote on contested State races such as Governor, Congressional races, and more at the State Convention.

What is the Central Committee?

The Central Committee is the main governing body of the party. All Constitutional Amendments, Executive Officer vacancies, and more are voted on in the Central Committee. The Central Committee meets at least once per quarter, sometimes more often.

What is a Caucus? (Example, Womens Caucus)

A Issue/Identity Caucus is a small "team" within the County Party that advocate for a single issue or identity. The Weber Democrats have several Caucuses. To get involved with one of those or to find out more about them, reach out to us.