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The Weber County Democratic Party is a grassroots organization that promotes progressive values and helps Democrats win elections. We recruit candidates for public office, raise money for progressive causes, and help make a more equitable society by organizing our community to solve problems.

Join us in building a better Weber County

Here are the three most effective ways you can help advance progressive values in Weber County

Advocate for the Party

This cycle, the Party hopes to make 100,000 direct contacts with targeted voters across our county reaching from Hooper to Huntsville.

This isn't a lofty goal - we had 80,000 in 2020.

We aren't able to make these contacts without the dedication of our community advocates who help create, refine, and share the message of our candidates and our Party.

Invest financially in our community

The Party is hosting three undergraduate interns this cycle who will receive a tuition stipend for their work, and we'd like to continue this program into the future.  

Democrats believe in making these academic opportunities more accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

With 80% of our receipts coming from local, individual contributors, we rely on the generous support of our community to develop and expand these programs.

Join an issue or identity group

The Party has 19 different issue and identity caucus groups associated with it. These caucuses and their meetings are designed to be community spaces for you to speak up on things that are meaningful to you.

Our organized caucuses meet quarterly at public locations across the county to engage with their communities on a regular basis.

All caucuses meet annually at County Convention to elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer.

Weber County Democratic Party


221 25th Street

Ogden, Utah 84401


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